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Toxic Evolution
Under Toxic Control EP

All of a sudden an EP appeared with such powerful thrash that I got addicted again. Thank you, I was waiting for it. My favorite release in the year 2015 is Toxic Evolution's “Under Toxic Control”: "Toxic" is the key word.

This material is so high concentrated; it breaks out as soon as the distorted staccato guitars bomb through your speaker. Fulminant riffage leads you into a spectacular thrash metal experience. I was blown away by the energy this combo is spreading; its raw, natural und honest. Nothing that is common in modern metal productions. The opener and best song in my opinion has one of the best refrains thrash metal can offer. Aggressive picking plus magic words screamed along with pure rage. "Gas Mask Terrorizer" is pure old school thrash including brain racking solos and belly ramming neck breaker beats. I am incredibly lucky that the next song starts with a melodic atmosphere interlude. You will need some fresh air to breath. This is poisonous.

The title track continues thrashy and drives towards an insane groove section; simply a musical roller coaster ride. "Yolocaust - A verbal execution" delivers what the title promises. By shouting though the microphone Singer and guitarist Merlo is giving short shrift with today’s teenager attitudes. All lyrics on this Ep are sending their message; a must have on a thrash metal classic. I have no awe to compare this material with legendary stuff of Artillery, Razor or even Metallica. You definitely feel the influence, but it’s something fresh and modern vibrating with it. Song 4 "Violent reckoning" is so intense, it surely catches your attention and holds it - the toxin kicks in.

Toxic Evolution
Under Toxic Control EP
Written by: Exx Tom
10 out of 10

The final Song gives you 20 seconds to handle the rush of adrenaline before kicking you out of the dream space. Yes, this intro has the atmosphere of a long forgotten Stratovarius, but the toxic thrash takes command! After 21 minutes a journey of hatred, frustration and musical creativity ends with an outstanding outro. Lean back and enjoy the majestic harmonies while moral questions fill up your mind - in case you listened to the lyrics and not just moshed yourself to the hospital; “A doctor and a toxicologist please!” This Ep is so sick I want to dope it. 10/10.

Exx Tom, HMS

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