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Because I have been living under a rock these last eighteen years, I had no idea that Trixter has been making a killer comeback! New Audio Machine, released in 2012, and now the newest release, Human Era. The last I remember was the debut album under the band’s name. That comic book cover was pretty keen back in the day. This album cover has the scene of a cable car diner setting on Rout 66 with classic cars in the parking lot, but I digress. Nothing has changed much for the boys in Trixter, other than they are older, wiser, and sound like true Hollywood veteran rockers, (even though they’re from New Jersey.)

“Rockin’ to the Edge of the Night” and “Crash That Party” kick off this record in classic Sunset Strip fashion. The riffs are as crazy as the music behind them and you can’t stop from boppin’ along to the swingin’ tunes. “Not like All the Rest” brings the tempo down a tad but does not lose momentum. The next song, “For You” puts some of that early Van Halen party sound in the mix, complete with crazy guitar noises and a burning solo. Back to a straight forward groove as “Every Second Counts” ticks its way into your ears and “Beats Me Up” brings it way down for a calm, cool, ballad. I like how these songs are a good break from the craziness and play ‘pull-tug’ with your emotions.

The next song, “Good Times Now”, gives you the feeling of driving down to the lake with some friends for a bonfire and sing-a-long to Eagles’ songs. “Midnight in Your Eyes” has a bit of a Y&T vibe about it, nothing fancy and no noodling, just a good rock sound. “All Night Long” brings back the 80’s power ballad and pumps it full of steroids with a big, heavy pop groove and some flattering lyrics over top of it. “Soul of a Loving Man” picks up the groove as the vocals slide in a bit of a David Coverdale feel in the delivery.

Like all good things that must come to an end, we end here with the title track, Human Era. This beefy bit of moody melody meanders by with his hands behind his back, kicking stones and looking around to see if anyone is watching. When you wrap this one up, it’s all about mood and groove. Solid rock n’ roll with a lot of heart and a lot of joy, a far cry from what some other bands are putting out. I like the doom sound as much as the next metal head, but this record is kick back. So relax, get some friends and some brews and enjoy these fresh tunes from Trixter. The backing vocals are cool, the songwriting is good and the vibe is vibrant. I give ‘em a 9.

Tim Duran, HMS

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