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Tygers of Pan Tang

Having enjoyed resurgence in recent years, Death Angel is just getting better with every release. The Evil Divide continues to demonstrate that the older guns can still cut it and even outdo the younger thrash guns.

In the early 1980’s, there was a flood of bands that came out all at once. Quite a few of them went out as fast as they came in, but there were those that kept coming with record after record, never stopping and never giving up.

Like the saying goes, “Only the strong survive,” and the Tygers of Pan Tang have proven themselves with every release, including their most recent self-titled record. Tygers is a hard rock outfit with a Hollywood sound and a hint of metal from the U.K. with Jacopo Meille at the helm, Robb Weir and Micky Crystal on guitars, Gav Gray on bass, and Craig Ellis on drums.

“Only the Brave” gears you up for what’s to come as insane rhythm guitars drive the first number like an out of control machine. This band still has the metal touch, and we’re only getting started. “Dust” and “Glad Rags” bring in that hard L.A. sleaze sound as “The Reason Why” brings the tempo down for the first ballad, which is a catchy little ditty with a heavy bridge and nice piano tinkering. Bringing back memories is the song, “Do it Again.” We all can relate to the crazy things we wore, the crazy bands we saw, and like the song says, I’ll do it again, no apologies. The next tune, “I Got the Music in Me” lets us know that dudes have the music in ‘em. “Prayin’ for a Miracle” is the second ballad and this song stands out because of the acoustic arpeggio and strings in the background, the heavy moments that perk the ear, and the soaring vocals.

Tygers of Pan Tang
Tygers of Pan Tang
(Mighty Music)
Written by: Tim Duran
9 out of 10

“Blood Red Sky” picks things back up to metal standards with guitar effects and chunky rhythm, and the beat of the kick drum in time with the bass makes the tones extra punchy. The third ballad, acoustic, short, and sweet, is literally two minutes long and leaves room for more hard rock action. The last song on this eleven track album brings that action. “The Devil You Know” sets off with a bang, and when you catch your breath - just start over.

Downside is the song, “I Got the Music in Me,” I just couldn’t get onto it. Also, I would have put “Angel” after the song “Prayin’ for a Miracle.” Upside, more solos than you can shake a stick at, and no two are alike. No two songs are alike either, and that keeps the tape rolling without getting bored. I give the Tygers of Pan Tang a rip roaring 9!

Tim Duran, HMS

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