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Vicious Rumors
Concussion Protocol

In the late 1970’s, a young guitar player moved to California in hopes of starting a band and making it big. Geoff Thorpe hit every show and club he could and handed out his business card with the name Vicious Rumors, a band not yet formed. That promotion helped to catapult the band once it was created.

I remember back in the mid 80’s listening to the hot new metal bands. Vicious Rumors hit so hard you couldn’t help but punch the guy next to you when listening to their record. I get the same feeling today listening to their new metal offering, Concussion Protocol. These guys have put together another hard hitting release of the angry white boy music I grew up with.

The relentless group; five seasoned musicians, will take you to the highest pinnacle and toss you over. Geoff Thorpe and Thaen Rasmussen double team on guitars, Nick Holleman has pipes of steel, Larry Howe slams the skins and Tilen Hudrap is all over the bass like a heavy metal Geddy Lee.

The record opens with a conk on the head when title track, “Concussion Protocol” drops. The harsh action continues as the next songs, “Chemical Slaves” and “Victims of a Digital World”, fire on all eight cylinders. “Chasing the Priest” is a scream-fest ditty that channels the spirit of 1982 Judas Priest, and “Last of Our Kind” is a pipe wrench to the back of your head.

“1,000 Years” is a straight hard rock smack down and a good lead in for the mid tempo, “Circle of Secrets”, but that’s the last of anything mellow you’ll hear. “Take it or Leave It” is a mean driving song, “Bastards” has a punk influenced drum beat over an old school metal sound, and “Every Blessing is a Curse” is speed metal at its best. Ending the head hemorrhage is the spooky rhythmic vibe of “Life for a Life”.

Vicious Rumors
Concussion Protocol
Written by: Tim Duran
8 out of 10

Listening to new Vicious Rumors is like hearing them for the first time. It’s fresh, heavy, and entertaining. The songwriting is good, the solos are piercing, and the rhythm section is unstoppable. However, during the chorus on “Victims” there’s a static type effect every time the chorus is heard. The first time was cool, but the third and fourth time got annoying.

The upside is that the bass player is insane! He reminds me a little of Dominique Laroche (VoiVod) and a much heavier Geddy Lee (RUSH). The two guitarists feed off each other well, and the vocals are clear and just above the rhythm section. “Bastards” stands out for me, because it has all the elements of a good heavy metal song - speed, groove, and a sarcastic vibe. Overall, Concussion Protocol is very well done, they get an 8.

Tim Duran, HMS

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