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The man behind the horror curtain over at took some time out of his busy day to answer some questions for us and introduce us to his world of dedication to the horror community and much more. Check out his answers below!

HMS: The site,, is a fantastic way for underground horror to be put on blast to mainstream internet and social media. How did you come up with the concept for this site?

PH: While writing reviews for my blog, HorrO's Gory Reviews, I would often get requests to review movies, and books. People seemed to be looking for ways to get their work noticed, and I didn't have time to review everything. I began thinking that there had to be another way to help "promote horror,” and an idea was born. I took what I learned from blogging, and moved on from there.

HMS: Do you have any success stories that you can attribute to Promote Horror? Now’s the time to toot your own horn.

PH: Anytime someone comes back asking for another promotion I take that as success for both of us. That means they are creating more horror, and felt I helped in some way. I've been told I helped sell books, fund projects, and get films noticed. Personally, I love receiving a "thank you," and am still in awe when people ask for advice. That just tells me I'm doing something right, and makes everything worth it.

HMS: How long have you been involved with the horror community, and where did you first dig your roots in the genre?

PH: I think I've loved horror since I saw the original "Nightmare on Elm Street." It was mostly just watching movies until I saw "The Strangers," which I also love, and thought I should try writing horror. I had just too many ideas to concentrate on one thing, so I decided to try reviewing movies. I started HorrO's Gory Reviews in 2009, and was born in 2011. I never thought I would be so involved, or even still doing this today, but here I am serving the horror community.

HMS: I’ve had myself a nice little tour of Promote Horror, and I can’t get over how interesting your site “Dog Days in Zombieville” is to me. Tell me about how you got started on that project and where you see the future of it taking you? Have you ever thought about compiling and publishing?

PH: "Dog Days in Zombieville" actually came before, and is the journal of Max Wagner's life in Zombieville. It was one of those many writing ideas I mentioned, but was a little afraid to put it out there. I decided to make the story a journal for my first public story to lessen any criticism. I tried to write it as real as possible for a person writing about life in the apocalypse. There are plenty of mistakes, and bad grammar done on purpose. I mean, who does corrections in their journal, especially in the apocalypse. With my social media craziness, I decided to make it a Twitter story, meaning I would tweet the journal entries before putting them on the blog. Just another crazy idea! If you read the story you might think it has ended, but it hasn't. I've just been too busy promoting horror to finish it. One day I will finish it, and would certainly consider publishing it.

HMS: What is your absolute favorite sub-genre of horror, and your favorite book or film in this category? Why do you feel so drawn to it?

PH: Before writing reviews and promoting, I never realized there was so much horror out there. I've seen a lot of amazing ideas, and crazy stuff. However, slasher films still remain my favorites. Maybe it has to do with being introduced into horror with movies like NOES, Friday the 13th, and Halloween. I enjoy the chase, and am always looking to see the creative ways the killer finishes off his victim. I also like plenty of blood splatter, which is kind of why I made up my review rating system based on "pools of blood."

HMS: You seem to enjoy horror conventions quite a bit (understandably). On average how many conventions do you regularly attend? Do you view cons as simply a hobby or do you feel that they help not only Promote Horror, but the artists that you promote on the site as well with exposure?

PH: Conventions are a perfect example of something I didn't realize existed until I got involved with the horror community. I only go to a few, but would love to go to so many more. I kind of split my time between conventions, and haunted houses. My reasons for going are also split between personal enjoyment, and writing about them. While I have yet to really use them to promote the artists I promote, I do go to them looking for new artists to promote on the site. Quick story about a couple I met at the last convention I went to. They just started selling masks at, and had a table to display them. I thought they were awesome, and told them I would promote the masks on my site. They were so excited, and asked for some advice. I told them to hit social media, and they recently joined Facebook. Not only did they get a great response from fans and celebrities at the convention, but also got promoted by me more than once. You never know whom you will meet at a convention!

"...there had to be another way to help "promote horror,” and an idea was born."

HMS: I will definitely check out that couple’s site!
You have given “American Mary” its own banner spot on your homepage. What makes you so drawn to this film? Do you have personal connections to the talent behind the masterpiece or is it just a personal favorite?

PH: I don't have any connections with the film, but definitely like it. One thing I like about it, besides all the blood that is spilt, is how they made a horror movie out of a real life situation. I think that there are many people out there who can relate to being behind on bills or student loans, and the struggle to stay afloat. Another reason I gave it a spot is because it's one of many films that represents a growing change in horror. A change where more women are not only starring in horror movies, but they are writing and directing their own movies. Women like the Soska twins are getting noticed more and more these days, and it's exciting to see.

HMS: I couldn’t agree more. Being a female in the horror community, it makes me proud to see that women are taking on bigger roles behind the scenes!
You promote the process of crowd funding on your site. How do you feel about crowd funding in general? A lot of people have mixed feelings behind the idea, what makes you a supporter of it?

PH: Now here's a subject I can talk forever about. It's always good when I see campaigns I promote get funded, but it's equally as depressing when I see them not get funded. There really isn't a rhyme or reason to getting funded. I've seen people with great campaigns fail, and some with terrible campaigns get funded. I have yet to figure out why that happens. Probably the most impressive thing I've seen is a 13 yr old girl get her movie funded. She deserved it because she had one of the best crowd funding videos I've seen yet. When I see things like that happen, I would never argue to end crowd funding. I have seen it bring fans some great projects that might not have otherwise been made. It's another tool to help promote your work, so make the most out of it.

HMS: What’s in store for the future of Promote Horror?

PH: I have so many ideas for the site, and how to promote horror that I don't know where to start. I can say that I'm excited to be promoting the new show “Penny Dreadful.” It's probably the most mainstream thing I've been asked to promote, along with the recent release of “The Quiet Ones.” One thing I want to do is try to get more engaged with getting people to talk about horror. Yes, we do some of that on Twitter, and Facebook already, but I want to emphasize it more. Get people's feedback on what's going on in horror, and particularly the promotions. Also, I did a few video promotions in the past, and want to bring that back. Along with that I have started using Instagram as another way to promote horror, and will continue to expand in that area of social media, and others. If anyone has some suggestions, I'm always open to listening to them.

HMS: And now, for my favorite question: the zombie apocalypse has overrun your city and you need to think fast! The object immediately to your left is your only means of survival! What is it?

PH: Being the social media nut I am, the item to my left happens to be my phone. Doesn't look like I'm going to survive long unless I can tweet for some help!
Thank you for taking the time to interview me for your awesome site. I will definitely be keeping an eye on it, and be promoting it again.

HMS: And thank you for being a part of this interview on Horror Metal Sounds! Keep spreading the horror and doing what you do for the horror community!

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