Lunatic's Serenade

Mortal Fear, Varga, Entropy
@ The Rockpile West Jan. 6, 2014

Looking around the floor and tables it seems that it's a meagre turn out, but upon further observation we start to see the who's who of the local Toronto metal scene. The lights dim and Mortal Fear takes the stage and BAM!!

We're met with grinding guitars from Steve Turrer, heavy bass from Pete Turrer and the heavy bash power double bass of Steve Scott. Then Ken Munro opens his mouth and we're met with an onslaught of high power vocals to stream with the thrashing metal sound of the band. They have a unique sound, an almost nostalgic Metal sound not unlike that hard powered thrash sound from the 80's. It works well for these guys and the genre as a whole. Look for these up and comers, they're taking the metal torch and running to the hills with it!

After a short break the next band takes the stage; Varga. Now here's a metal band from the early days and still kicking it! With a new album (Enter the Metal) and more shows coming soon I hope, these guys sounded like they’d never been away. The new material was vintage Varga. The heavy pounding of their riffs from Adam Alex and Sean Williamson, combined with the heavy drums from Dan Fila and the unique sound of Joe Varga’s vocals just get you where metal's supposed to be with that face melting and eardrum blowing power!

" of the best small venue metal shows of the New Year"

Then the boys from Entropy enter the scene... well these guys Kicked it old school! Dan`s virtuoso guitars, George on bass, Ger with his vocals and new guy Blake Lemieux from Hollow on drums; well hold onto your skulls ‘cuz these guys ripped it and left us wanting more. The boys from Entropy end the night with the band’s signature song “Ashen Existence” showing us that they can still thrash with the best of them.

The whole show was put on very well and the bands on the card matched well and made the entire show one of the best small venue metal shows of the New Year. It will be hard to top this one!


Allan (Krazy Kanuk) Clements, HMS

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