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HMS Music Spotlight

I was recently turned on to a band from Seattle, Washington that really caught my ear right from the start. Fallen Angels, who formed in 2002, have been pounding the pavement of the underground scene with piss and vinegar. They say you can catch more flies with honey, but I don’t think that’s what they’re after. You catch more metal heads with ripping riffs, insane drumming, violent guitar solos, and angry vocals. These guys give it to you on a molten metal platter with a side of Voivod. This thrash band is bound to feed the need for speed.

Our entry into disarray begins with some disturbing rhythms, twisted vocals, and brutal guitar attacks. The first few songs let loose the dogs – “Hammers Blow”, “Nightmare”, “Forsaken Existence” and “Leading the Blind” are exercises in ear drum stamina. Every song captures your interest as layer upon layer of tracks there’s something different; little nuances, grace notes, and sweeps. It’s a wonderful earful of surgically placed notes amidst a hail storm of ice picks on your steel shore.

The intro into “Fire at Eden’s Gate” is melodic with a touch of a classical guitar solo that leads into more chaos as the song carries on. “Into the Abyss” spirals you out of control with lunatic infused solos while “Hour of the Time” slips in some heavy groove metal to switch up the mood for a bit.

Fallen Angels
World in Decay
(Cyberdyne Records)
Written by: Tim Duran
9 out of 10

The mood shifts back to the angry thrash swing with the violence that “Mortis Ex Machina” brings with brute force and no quarter. The ending, however, leaves us with an intriguing instrumental piece titled “Untitled”. A soothing two minutes that shows you that these thrashers have a jazzy side. I may have put this song after “Fire at Eden’s Gate” but it works here at the tail.

Downside is that it’s only eight songs deep. Upside is the musicianship, songwriting, and raw power. They won my heart with their speed, jazziness, and killer bassist. He throws down some power chord action and is level in the mix as well. I say, Nine!

For more info on Fallen Angels you can check them out here.

Tim Duran, HMS

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