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I was quite excited when we at HMS received an email from the camp of black metal mistress Cadaveria and the godfathers of Italian extreme metal – NECRODEATH, announcing a joint EP with a unique twist. Six songs in total: two are covers (Helter Skelter and Christian Woman), another two are covers of one another’s songs! But most thrilling, to me at least, are two brand new tracks by each band with crossover involvement by Flegias and Cadaveria herself.

I’ve frequently gushed over the music of Cadaveria, and justifiably so. Her sound continues to evolve with each album yet somehow remains rooted in her black and thrash metal roots even as she pushes the envelope of extreme metal. But I haven’t really paid enough respect to NECRODEATH, considering they were one of the first extreme metal acts to come out of Italy – back in the mid-eighties no less!

The album kicks off as Cadaveria pay homage to a NECRODEATH classic, “Mater Tenebrarum” from 1987. With its epic intro, it’s operatic outro and the flurry of hi-speed thrash madness in between, Cadaveria performs a thrilling rendition. Necrodeath return the wicked favour with their own vicious cover of Cadeveria’s “Spell” from their classic “The Shadows’ Madame” album circa 2002.

“Dominion Of Pain” is the first of the two new Cadaveria/NECRODEATH crossover originals. It’s a high octane number, black and sinister yet possessing a richly textural soundscape emphasized in a surprisingly melodic and uplifting chorus. “Rise Above” has that trademark NECRODEATH sound – very progressive and punchy, almost a throwback to thrash in the late 80’s and early 90’s as I remember it. I really enjoy the combined vocal power of Flegias and Cadaveria on both tracks and would love to see this revisited in future recordings.

(Black Tears)
Written by: Richard Leggatt
9 out of 10

The two cover songs ain’t bad either. NECRODEATH take a unique spin on The Beatles “Helter Skelter” – a thrashy, jacked-up version which is wild ride in and of itself. But I definitely favour, admittedly with a little bias, Cadaveria’s version of “Christian Woman” (originally by Type O Negative). It’s such a great choice for a cover song, and very apropos to the theme and roots of Cadaveria's music.

Honestly, you can't proclaim to be a fan of metal without picking up a copy of Mondoscuro. The music is as creative and artistic as it is sinister, and it's definitely a rare classic in the making. I know I'm thrilled to have it as part of my collection.

Richard Leggatt, HMS

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