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Punk rock n’ rollers Kill Matilda have self-released EP (based off a 2011 album) entitled “#Punk #Zombie #RocknRoll” and it took me by surprise. They’re definitely an underground band that you kick yourself in the ass for not listening to sooner. Out of Canada and female fronted, the defiant and furious Kill Matilda is not only fun, but damn good.

Reminiscent of old punk rock, they hit the nail on the head with their “Recommended if you like” section by naming bands like The Misfits and The Offspring. (I’m referring to both old Misfits and Offspring…not the new, more shameful stuff.) It’s almost as if Bikini Kill, Atomic Blonde, Paramore and Hole had an epic orgy and popped out Kill Matilda 9 months later.

Tracks like “I Want Revenge” and “Zombie Apocalypse” unleash an in your face proclamation of rebellion and malevolence. The anything but weak vocal prowess of Dusty Exner is backed up by intense guitar riffs, relentless drumming, and boisterous bass guitar; all of which never cease to impress and make up the bittersweet cacophony of awesome that is Kill Matilda. The quietly contrasted “Geisha With A Switchblade” (a personal favorite) comes out swinging in a soft yet daunting manner; the heart of the song being the ominous lyrics and persistent strumming that together paint a dirty and deserving portrait of the fate of a man who has wronged women one too many times.

All anger and image aside, the band has some serious talent and are able to not only express themselves through music, but seem to almost live through it. Kill Matilda receives a 9 out of 10 from me, and rightfully so. If you don’t check this band out now, you’ll regret it later. Trust me.

Stevie Kopas, HMS

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